Today’s Pick Behavior – An Award Nominated Track

27 November 2008 POD – Michael McCann


This particular track is the opening theme for Regenesis and was nominated for ‘Best TV Theme’ at the 2008 Hollywood Music Awards. You can read more about Michael McCann over at his Bio Page.

"Anywhere but Here" by Behavior. I found them over at Garage Band. The project is the work of Michael McCann. I am aware that many of my daily listeners like this style fo music and it is a common topic in #lumpyscorner over at Wyldryde. If you like his music be sure to check out his music at his web site.

Mr. McCann does movie soundtracks, game music and much more. He also offers an entire album in a zip file for you to download. I already downloaded it and am loving what I have heard so far. Mr. McCann, if you happen to read this, thanks for sharing some great stuff.

It is also Thanksgiving in the United States so if it is your holiday, have a good one.

Thanks for reading and listening.


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