Pownce Is Dead – Did We Learn Anything?

As the not all that shocking news of Pownce being put down to rest comes in, it is still comical to see posts like this making their way up to the surface. In reality, it is a good post. Nothing wrong with it at all. The only thing to consider is in the article, ideas like Tip’d are discussed and actually have a shot at longevity as they provide ongoing, longterm value to a fairly focused niche. In short, the site helps you to invest, spend or save money in one fashion or another.

Social CMS – who would have thought that someone could take the concept of Digg and blow it up, then shrink it back down to common sense with something like this. And while the UI is nothing to write home about, I find it is actually refreshing to be spared the Ajaxy crap for a really clean design, even if it is not “wowza” in its initial impression.

What do you think? Are there still ideas worth pursuing in the mediascape with social sites? Are Twitter and Friendfeed “it”?