Genesis 255 Review Of Sorts

Lately there has been a lot of talk about this way of potentially saving on gas with something called Genesis 255. Clearly, something is wrong when you have YouTube videos full of white trash talking about all of this savings being experienced, yet the whole thing just feels overly rehearsed.What really bothered me, besides each video using a variation of the same script, was how each of the people talking about Genesis 255 kept going on and on about how they are saving gas money with a program that is not a having a problem with the FTC?

What the hell? Why would anyone include this in a sales pitch for something that clearly, should be a great tool to help people hedge gas prices? Seems to me that something is phishy with Genesis 255 – so I decided to do some checking.

First stop, we have a report here from the Rip Off Report. It provides the expected complaint of this being some hair brained buyer’s club. As it turns out, it is more than that – Genesis 255 is allegedly a scam according to this media source. Apparently, the latest videos have either been edited or redone to mention that this Genesis 255 is actually using a fuel wafer, not some fuel hedging opportunity to save people money.

Does it work? I have no idea, but one thing that bothered me early on is that I found no simply means to just “buy it” Instead, it is direct sales only and there seems to be an emphasis on recruiting others to do the same direct sales with/for you.

Go for it if you must, but if it was me, I would be very wary of this and consider this a bit of a Genesis 255 review of sorts.