If Ever There Was a Case for Euthanisation…

This morning, on a syndicated show called ‘The Doctors” a couple was on stage during a debate about vaccination, and the possible side effects. One of the devastating side effects of some vaccinations has been  a proven increase in autism.

The couple had already had 7 children, and was trying to have another. Well, not only is this irresponsible on a global basis (there are just too many people on the planet, and the problem is only getting worse, made more desperate by the people who still have the’ farmer mentality’), it is especially stupid when you get the full fact sheet, which states that 4 of the seven children this couple has are autistic. (No autism caused by vaccination)

What makes someone think that this is somehow a good behavior? When you and your spouse have over 50% of your offspring showing a disability that is hard to deal with in a single child, and you have 4 children showing the problem, what sane person wants to shoot for five?

Autism is hard for a family to deal with when only one autistic child is in the home, taken care of by 2 adults. It is harder to deal with when there are more normal children, simply due to shared time constraints.  Imagine how supremely difficult it must be to have multiple autistic children.

Now, think about this from the child’s perspective. Some children show remarkable progress, even as far as progressing to a stage where the label autistic no longer applies. This is usually due to a Herculean effort by a set of parents, knowledgeable and devoted, and spending much time with the child. In the family above, this will not be possible, as there aren’t enough hours in the week. How is this good for the child?

(BTW, it is the parents that are the case for euthanisation, not the children, who remain completely blameless.)

We made too many wrong mistakes.Yogi Berra