Speaking with the Dead. Can You?

Have you ever spoken with the dead?

Do you know anybody who claims to have spoken with the dead?

I know a certain child who tells me she speaks with the departed.  I know better than to `correct’ her or tell her it’s her imagination.

There are studies on this.  Apparently children can see a lot of things adults can’t up until a certain age.  Whether they need to narrow their focus or because they are always being told they’re not seeing what they see, they don’t see these things anymore.

My nephew, when he was pre-verbal, was making a fuss in his crib.  His father picked up a picture of the child’s grandmother, who unfortunately passed away before he was born.  The baby lit up like a Christmas tree, smiling and giggling.  [I am not saying a thing – just relating the events as they happened]

My stepfather belonged to a group that did paranormal research before it became `trendy’ and spawned television shows.  Coombs(?) College of Music in Pennsylvania contacted the group about a haunting.  The group contacted the ghost/spirit/whatever.  It was a situation we’ve all heard about, where the person did not fully realize he was dead and they told him to `go to the light’ in whatever way they managed to communicate this.  The hauntings stopped.    I am not going to argue with my stepfather. He is not a man given to exaggeration or folly.  He didn’t make this up.  My mother heard a tape of the episode and was most impressed.

Back to my little friend who sees people.  She told me she saw the baby’s departed grandmother and talked to her a while.  My grandmother gave us her dining room set (it’s older than I am by several degrees).  She sees my grandmother sitting there now and then.  She tells me she saw our friend Dr. Pain, who passed away this past weekend (and I wrote about earlier this week).

I obviously can’t argue with her.  I don’t have any standing or knowledge.  In a way it’s like schizophrenia: if they’re seeing snakes flying through the air, you don’t argue with them.  I don’t necessarily disbelieve her… it’s just that I haven’t seen any of this myself.

There is a ton of stuff in this universe about which I know nothing.  Maybe this is yet another thing.

Tell me what you know….