Another One Bites the Dust – Abit Building System Boards No More

One of the earliest of ‘enthusiast’ motherboard manufacturers, Abit, will cease motherboard sales as of the end of this year. Rumors were spreading all over the net, with many posts about the possibility of the company’s demise at Ars Technica.

After a bit more looking around, I found a piece on Tom’s Hardware, verifying the fact that Abit will no longer be selling motherboards, but will (as of Friday, December 19) continue to be a seller of products made by their parent company, USI. USI will continue to manufacture products for the computer market, but will also have some products that are not OEM’ed. These will be the products that will carry on the Abit name.

Although I have never owned an Abit motherboard, I know people who have had many great products with that name, and have always read about the many boards that were highly, or extremely highly reviewed.

R.I.P. Abit motherboards.


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