Time and Clocks are Getting Cooler and Cooler

We are all aware of Chris Pirillo’s TIX clocks sitting above his desk. Chris Pirillo is a self-proclaimed fan of anything and everything that glows. Nowadays, clocks are becoming more and more creative, cool and flashy. Although plasma balls and use of plasma is not new technology, I haven’t yet seen many products which incorporate plasma technology into clocks. This is why I just had to have this analogue wall clock from Quartz with a mutli-coloured glowing rim of plasma light.

The clock gives something that regular old alarm clock couldn’t possibly give. It sooths, it gives energy and geekiness to a room, it is stylish and incorporates quite old technology into a slightly more unique form. The clock itself is surrounded by a glowing rim, protected by a layer of thick plastic. The time piece runs off one AA battery, while the plasma lamp runs from an AC adapter, drawing very little electricity at all.

Furthermore, the clock only cost me 24.99 GBP and it can be obtained from The Gadget Chest at just five pound more or $44.