Offering Stephon Marbury Playing Time

Would you do it? If you were the general manager of one of the NBA franchises, would you sign Stephon Marbury? – The New York Knicks have not allowed Stephon Marbury any playing time this year. In fact, the Knicks are paying their ‘persona non grata’ guard his full salary to stay away from the team and away from Madison Square Garden. That is paying a heathy professional athlete $21.9 million dollars to stay away.

The Knicks franchise is Stephon Marbury’s fourth team. He has been with Minnesota, New Jersey and Phoenix previously. All the teams improved after he left. There are rumours and speculation that the Boston Celtics would take the risk of adding Stephon Marbury to their roster.

One side of the argument is that Stephon Marbury would be a disruption, even to the defending NBA champions. The counter argument is that the Celtics need to improve their bench and Stephon Marbury will help in their title defense.

Fans may wonder why the Boston Celtics would take the risk. Perhaps the answer may be in the confidence that is instilled in these athletes from a very young age. As athletic gifts are recognized, the mind set that is instilled is ‘to be positive’. All athletic challenges are possible to achieve. With that attitude, the Celtic professionals would look upon the Stephon Marbury situation as a solvable problem. A professional athlete avoids negative thinking. The ‘can do’ attitude has been instill and reinforced from a very young age.

Four professional franchises have taken on the Stephon Marbury risk. All have been failed relationships. The Celtics only need a harmonious connection with Stephon Marbury until possibly June 2009. A championship could rest in the decision. Is it worth the risk?

Catherine Forsythe