Asking for Trouble, When Enough Already Exists

I’m sure there are some who believe I am a sort of contrarian, with contradictory opinions of every decision made in Washington in the last eight years. There have been many times that I have disagreed with the word ‘from the top’, but I think I have well justified my opinions.

It would be nice to see the other side be so clear with the reasoning for the decisions made. It would make for less confusion, and possibly move up the level of esteem I hold for them.

Sometimes however, it is hard to not attack the people directly, as the decisions show no thought, no use of intelligence, and, in the absence of that, makes me wonder what part greed and simple stupidity play in the plays of each day.

Today, the President-elect did what I thought not possible, and asked for the postponement of the digital television transition. Now let me be clear, I think this move is terrific! I simply thought the President-elect had too much other, more pressing stuff on his plate to worry about this. This concern for the smaller stuff should be a good sign to everyone, no matter their political affiliation. It also shows that it is possible for the President to be tuned in to the problems of the common man. What a concept!

The story on MSN of what occurred in response to this request shows how the Republicans, in particular, need to have their heads examined, and also need to get in touch with their constituents who make under $100K per year. (or are there none of those?) The Republican line on this, which seems to coincide with the Bush administration is that moving the date back will somehow cause more confusion than that which will be caused when February 18 comes along, and Jim Bob (living around 65 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska, for example) can’t get the farm report, because the digital signal doesn’t work as advertised.

Jim Bob was waiting until the last minute to get the converter box, because he was waiting for his (now) non-existent $40 coupons, and also because he, not being possessed of the keenest intellect, simply took the words of the commercials that told him that all that would be needed was a quick hookup to the television and magically, his reception would improve dramatically.

As was pointed out before, there will be a lot of heads ready to explode at the FCC on February 18, when the phone lines start ringing.

I really hate generalizations, but when I see so many poor decisions involving technology (or economics), and also see that no one in the party seems to be able to speak with any authority (or even clarity) about technology (or economics), I tend to think it is alright to ask the question “ Does any living Republican, other than (possibly)Ron Paul, have a clue about anything that requires some scientific understanding or study?” This is not mere venting. It is clear, after the story of the last great recession, and the reasons why it became so devastating to this country, have been explained to these people, and the Republicans such as Shelby and Boehner still resist the stimulus package, questioning their intelligence is inevitable.

These people are resisting anything that the incoming administration is trying to move towards. At this point, it appears to be one of simple party alliances, and stupidity. Should they be able to fend off the changes wanted by the new administration, they will probably make sure to congratulate themselves on how they ‘held the line’.

These people will be able to sing to themselves as the ship goes down. I think an appropriate tune would be something by the Grateful Dead. Yes, they ‘might be going to hell in a bucket,  but at least they can enjoy the ride’.

In politics stupidity is not a handicap.Napoleon

How true today also! – the oracle

William F. Buckley understood these things, perhaps someone can contact the soothsayer used by Mrs. Reagan, and get in touch for some sage advice.

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