Microsoft’s Windows 7 Still Bloated

According to the system requirements, which many are touting as progress because they have not gone up over what Vista requires, in order to run Windows 7 you will have to have a 1Ghz processor, a gigabyte of RAM, and a 128MB graphics card just to run an operating system.  I had the idea that I would make some room on my computer and try out Windows 7, but after checking my system specs I see that my graphics card on this laptop is only a 64MB model.  By Windows Vista and Windows 7 standards, this computer is obsolete.  This computer, however, is still well above the requirements to run Mac OS 10.5 and it does so quite well.  I also have an older machine with only 32MB of video RAM and 768MB or RAM that runs 10.5 without any problems or slow-downs.  Another troubling point is that the Apple website lists the requirements for hard drive space for OS X as only 9GB, Windows asks for 16.  How was Apple able to make an operating system that many regard as superior to Vista with lower system requirements?  Will Windows 7 be a faster and more secure operating system than Vista?  Likely yes.  Will it be able to keep people from switching to the Macintosh or to Linux?  That remains to be seen,  but it is still troubling that Microsoft needs so much hardware just to run a desktop and a start menu.