Kellogg Issues Warning on Peanut Butter Crackers

With the problem of salmonella covering so many states, Kellogg has issued a warning about its peanut butter crackers:

“The Kellogg Co. announced Wednesday it is recommending that consumers not eat its peanut butter crackers because they may be tainted with salmonella.

…”Kellogg Company’s investigation has not indicated any concerns, nor has the company received any consumer illness complaints about these products,” the Kellogg statement said.”

link: Kellogg warns not to eat its peanut butter crackers

The Kellogg Company is to be commended for taking preventative measure and removing this product line from retail shelves. It may have a small negative impact on profitability but it certainly strengthens consumer confidence. Further, Kellogg is eliminating any possible negative publicity related to this peanut butter problem.

Catherine Forsythe