Tiger Woods Participates in Inauguration

Some well known athletes have drawn criticism for not using their celebrity for controversial social causes. For example, this has been a criticism levelled at both Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Both these superstar athletes have avoided any involvement that might alienate a segment of the population. There has been speculation that this is a term of their world-wide advertising affiliations. For successful product endorsement, controversy must be avoided scrupulously.

Nevertheless, this is about to change. Tiger Woods will be participating at a political event:

“Tiger Woods, who has tried to stay out of politics during his ascent to become one of the world’s most famous athletes, has accepted an invitation to speak at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday as part of President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities.”

link: Tiger to speak at Lincoln Memorial

Tiger Woods also has an understanding of the historical significance of the inauguration. In 1997, after winning the Masters golf tournament, a fellow golfer called Tiger Woods “that little boy” and made suggestive remarks about fried chicken and collard greens for the following year’s Champions Dinner. For Tiger Woods and millions of others, this inauguration transcends politics. It is very personal.

Catherine Forsythe