Why I like ‘A Complaint Free World’ by Will Bowen

In a local bookstore I came across ‘A Complaint Free World’ in which Will Bowen explains his fairly simple and yet unique way to get rid of all the complaining, gossiping, and whining. After I bought it, the purple bracelet that came with it went to my wife and I ordered about 15 more. The reason why his idea appealed so much to me is its pureness and simplicity. If you just think a littleĀ  about what you are saying, or what you’ve just said, you know if it is a complaint, gossip, or whining. If you’re truly willing to work with these aspects of your communication, this will work. And you’ll be amazed how much if it resides in the tone of voice.

Most people I tell about this bracelet like the idea, but don’t start… and I am curious why that is? Why do so many people of my age (33) kind of stop improving themselves? Sure every now and then people do a short course via their work, but making significant changes to one’s behaviour seems too much to ask.

The official Web site can be found here.