Details of Impulse Reactor Revealed at Big Download

If you have been wondering what the Impulse team has been up to lately, no worries, the folks over at Big Download blog got an inside scoop on the next version of Impulse.  The next major release of Impulse is going to bring the Impulse Reactor, which we have mentioned several times before. 

I don’t want to impose too much on Big Download, so head over there and check out the rest of the article.  Good things are coming up!

“So what if you are a developer who wants to be able to have a PC game through both retail stores and digital outlets? Is there some way you can have a balance so one is not competing with the other? Stardock‘s CEO Brad Wardell says, "Yep!" and is aiming to prove it with a new virtual platform library called Impulse Reactor.”

Read more at Big Download.