Lego Digital Designer

Some of us never grow up. I know I’m trying hard to not lose that part of me that enjoys play.

Toward that, I was looking around for something fun to do on the computer, when I found this program.

This has got to be the coolest thing for anyone who ever played with LEGO bricks! You can build the things you wish to on the screen, save them, show your creations to friends (to prove your architectural genius), and , should you really be serious about building the design in 3 dimensions, send off a parts list to LEGO, and after you pay for the little bricks, and what ever else is needed (don’t forget, there are LEGO motors, wheels, pulleys, and all sorts of cools stuff for the grown up kid).

The program is freeware, and doesn’t take up that much disk space for all it does. It also is fairly well engineered, as I did not have the very latest graphics driver for the video chipset, so it noted that during the installation, and pointed me to the newest driver for my system (also noting that the specific driver I had installed might have a problem with a few things – it gave a list).

Very well written, and very big fun!


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