A Lesson In Common Sense

By now most of you have likely heard about a couple of nasty Trojans floating around that are targeting Mac users, at least from a headlines perspective anyway. And as Chris has pointed out, it would seem that those who have been hit with this are those who choose to pirate their software rather than paying for it or simply accept that it might be worth pursuing open source alternatives such as GIMPShop for OS X users. Clearly, this is a more logical means of avoiding being raped at the register for, what I agree, is a steep cost for “meh” software.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the older stuff, but never found the latest versions of Photoshop to be worth the cost being required for purchase. While I realize that most people eat and breathe Photoshop, I made the switch to legally available free alternatives a few years ago. But what can I say, my own wife would slap me silly if I took away her copy of Photoshop, so I do understand the idea of being hooked on it.

So what do you think? Serves you users right for getting infected with a Trojan? Or perhaps you have a soft spot for these hapless individuals? Either way, I see it as a reminder that all operating systems, at some level, can be exploited when piloted by careless users. That is just my take on it…