Satanic Ritual Abuse and UFO Abductions

Ok, there are people reading this (or skipping it) who are making tin foil hat references at about this moment.  If they have skipped it, good.  If they are still reading, why bother?

I read a lot.  Information is good.  I don’t necessarily believe everything I read but it’s good to gather information.  I’ve always been fascinated by the topic of UFO’s, whatever they are.  I remember reading about them in middle school and complaining there wasn’t enough on them in the library (yes, I didn’t get out much then either).

You can’t read about UFO’s without coming across accounts of abductions.  Even skeptics agree that these people believe they were abducted, whether they were or not.  The `professional’ skeptics, some of them in the psych field, claim that the abductees have experienced sleep paralysis or something similar.  Of course this doesn’t explain much of what the abductees claim, but that’s the job of the professional skeptic: debunk a small part and dismiss the rest.

A typical abduction scenario would be waking up, with no one else awake, not being able to move, seeing lights and/or `people’, being assisted to a ship or somewhere, medical tests or experiments, and possibly some knowledge transfer.  After that it’s back home, most likely with time loss.  Memories can come back.

From what I’ve read and what people have told me, the above can also be prominent features of programming/mind control; a portion of satanic ritual abuse.  Or as I’ve written here lately, just another CIA-sponsored experiment thought up by some nazis we imported after the war.   Remember – no tin foil hat comments – this stuff is documented.

So the question is, do these similarities indicate a connection?

Your comments are welcome.