File under – Poisoned Pork Seasoning

Sometimes, as voters, we can’t catch even a small break. When I voted for Diane Feinstein, it was under the impression that she was a straight shooter, would vote the way I would on things, and wouldn’t try to start sneaking bad stuff into the bills she sponsors,

Disappointment again.

Well, the Republicans might call the broadband infrastructure stimulus pork, but it’s tasty pork, and I think it will happen to be helpful to most of the country. (Those who claim it won’t help them are probably stuck in the 19th century, and like to keep a few postage stamps in their wallets. Also, remember that pork is the other white meat!)

I knew that the good Senator was for the stimulus, and I was happy about that until I read this –

One of our big fears with the stimulus bill was that with such a huge deal, there would be plenty of small opportunities for lobbyists to slip in absolutely awful language. Well, it’s happening. Sen. Feinstein has inserted language into the stimulus bill that would officially “allow network management” for “deterring unlawful activity” including “copyright infringement.” Of course, right before “copyright infringement” it also lists “child pornography” because no politician wants to be seen as voting against something that stops child pornography. As Public Knowledge points out, the whole thing doesn’t make much sense. Network management tools are different than content filtering tools — so saying that the use of network management tools is necessary for the sake of content filtering is a red herring. And, if this does involve deep-packet inspection, as is implied by the amendment, it seems like a huge privacy violation, allowing an ISP to spy on everything you do online. Public Knowledge is trying to get out the word that this should not be allowed in the stimulus bill.

from Tech Dirt

What part of free and unobstructed access does this person not understand? I don’t want content restricted by narrowing or filtering. The Republicans have already shown their colors. It was under a Republican that we lost many of our much vaunted inalienable rights. If I can’t count on a Democrat to protect my rights and freedoms, what am I to do? She had better retire after this term, because she’ll be missing a few votes if she runs again. I have an idea that the votes I influence won’t be the only ones missing.

As to the problem with child pornography, this has been used way too often as a smoke screen for other nefarious infringements on our freedom. Let’s see some programs aimed at that directly, instead of tangentially, that do nothing to curb it, and deprive freedoms for no explainable reason.

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