Global Action Day To Liberate Bears In China

Conservation activist Jeanette McDermott writes:

People across social networks have joined forces to launch a poster campaign to liberate 9,000 bears from crush cages in China, where they live torturous lives so their bile can be drained for Chinese medicine. We need thousands more people to join the Ursa Freedom Project. We need YOU!

We will launch the poster campaign on March 20 (Vernal Equinox) and run a new poster each month with the idea of catapulting the whole globe into action by the time the action day arrives on June 21 (Summer Solstice).

We will drop money bombs to Animals Asia, the bear rescue organization in China, on both designated days: March 20 and June 21. On June 21, we will hold concerts, art auctions, street dramas, theater readings, poetry slams, etc. all across the globe to raise awareness and funds to rescue bears and put an end once and for all to bear farming.

Artists have already stepped forward to make the posters and others are designing original art that we can sell to raise money for bear rescue. We have signed up our first Benefit for Bears concert with a band in San Francisco. A fashion designer is creating a one-of-a-kind jacket to be auctioned for the bears.

But we need more people! More art, more concerts, more events!! The plan is to create local actions all over the world on behalf of the bears! And we need geeks — to do all the mojo that makes the project go viral — create a banner, badges, upload to social media, podcasts, vidcasts, blogs, Twitter, DIGG, etc. And we need photographers to document local events that we can post on the internet. In other words, we need a massive “street team” of cyber geeks!

I’m dedicating myself to ending the suffering of these magnificent creatures in crush cages and am asking you to be part of the Ursa Freedom Project.

Join the movement! Spread the word! Let me know how you will help!

Thank YOU!