Wii Fit: Simple Games But Lots of Fun

I originally didn’t consider purchasing a Wii Fit. The games looked way too simple for me to enjoy. We’re in an age of complex video games that require thousands of buttons to have fun. Skiing downhill? What kind of fun would that be for a video game. I purchased one though after my girfriend told me she wanted one. After trying it out, I was proven wrong about my beliefs on the game.

The system is downright fun from the little sounds it makes (Oh!) when you step on the pad to the games you unlock as you progress toward your goals. Timing and balance is everything in most of the games you play, and is sure is fun to play them. Try to get the marbles into the hole, ski between flags, or hit a soccer ball using only your balance. The games give you tokens for each minute that you play. The more tokens you get, the more games you can unlock. This feature really gets you motivated to play more and more.

Having a friend play on the system adds even more motivation and fun to the game. Each game saves your score and ranks you against any others that may have played the game. It makes you want to play again and again until you beat that top score.

If you don’t own a Wii, I recommend you buy one just for Wii Fit. It’s very different than any other game and a lot of fun. Nintendo’s advertising really makes it seem like it’s just for fitness guru’s or kids, but it provides even the most hardcore gamers with lots of fun.