Fallout 3 Review

Fallout 3 has gone through a lot of changes from what the game first looked like to the game being cancelled then another company making the game but after all of that, the game that we got in the end is great. If you want to learn more on the history of the Fallout series watch this video.

Fallout 3 is an action RPG. You take the role of the┬áLone Wanderer, the character you play, which can be either a boy or a girl. Now you leave the place where you grew up in search of your father and you have to travel all around the wasteland of Washington DC and the surrounding areas to find out where your father went. You will meet lots of different people, animals, and creatures on your adventure that can help and stop you from your quest. Now this game is an action RPG but it also adds some first person’s shooter elements because you will get some guns and also it can get like a survival horror game due to some of the creatures looking like zombies and you having to travel through dark places so this game has a lot to offer. You can also just do the main quest or go off and do other extra missions so you can keep playing the game for a longer time.

Playing for a longer time is right I finished this game in 88 hours, but there is a reason for that. The main reason it took me that long to finish the game is because I went for 100% completion and even with me doing that I was having fun doing it all. The main story will only take about 10 hours if you really want to play it fast but the wasteland is a huge place and I decided to explore the whole thing and find all kinds of neat places and the extra missions. I haven’t played a RPG like this before where it mixes a couple of genres like first person shooting with RPG, I liked being able to stop gameplay, point and shoot at a certain point on your enemies body whether it’s the arm so it can drop its weapon or the legs so it can not run as fast.

The graphics on this game are great but sometimes the game did slow down on me I guess it was trying to load a bunch of things at the same time, this also happened when I would start talking to people but I didn’t mind it that much since it only did that every now and then. There are many ways anyone can play this game and can end up different than anyone else playing the game too. If you guys are looking for a great RPG to play with a lot of things to do, check out this game and you won’t be disappointed.

Bethesda Softworks is adding more missions to this game too for the Xbox 360 and PC versions. The first DLC (Downloadable Content) for Fallout 3 was already released at the end of January and the other two will be released at the end of March then the last one at the end of April, so if you liked this game and after you finish you want to play more you can always get the DLC so you can keep playing. Not to sure if the PlayStation 3 version of the game will get the DLC any time soon since Microsoft made a deal with Bethesda to keep it on the 360 and PC, so if you want more content from this game, get one of those versions.