Take Your Camera with You

I always bring at least a couple lenses and a camera with me where ever I go, if not my full blown kit in my backpack!

Some of my friends sometimes think it’s funny that it is impossible to separate me from my gear. But, that’s because many of my favorite photographs weren’t planned or were taken almost by accident. They were all the result of being in the right place at just the right time.

Sometimes it’s something that is impossible to duplicate at will like an unique sunset or interesting clouds. It could be the light hitting something like a barn “just right.” A few times it was a beautiful or rare bird that I almost didn’t notice. Many times it was a person with a distinct look that was walking down the street.

It can’t be planned or predicted because odd things can happen even while you’re out doing mundane chores like running to the grocery store, office supply, big box store, bank, or post office. All you have to do is keep your eyes open. You might be very surprised what inspires you. Just be prepared for it by having your camera with you.

Award winning advertising photographer Jay Maisel speaks more about it: