Mac Mini Mystery?

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Mac mini, Apple’s lower end mini desktop, which offers affordability yet still some power and versatility. Well, rumors have been spreading around as to its next release since it has not been updated for some time now.

Apple’s last version of the Mac mini came out in 2007, and since then, a new Mac mini has been nowhere to be seen. Many speculated that there would be a new release at MacWorld 2009, but there was no talk of even an upcoming release of a Mac mini in Phil Schiller’s Keynote Address. This disappointed some, and confused others. It might be possible that new products will return with the return of Steve Jobs, but this is also unsure.

With 2009 being the first year in six years for sales to decrease, Apple needs something new to reboost its sales. Many consumers are waiting to buy based on the rumors of new Mac minis and iMacs on the way. Finally, I think Apple is well overdue to update their Mac minis, and if they are really in need of sales, they should update their iMac as well.

What are your thoughts?

Should Apple release a new Mac mini and or iMacs?