NIMH AA Batteries

While I’m a big fan of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, I’ve noticed something odd (and quite honestly, disappointing) in the last few months. A bunch of the NiMH AA batteries here at ranchero indebto are draining awfully quickly. This problem  cropped up with the NiMHs that are installed in our programmable thermostat … within weeks of swapping in a freshly charged set of AAs, the “replace battery” warning began flashing.

I swapped in another set and the scenario repeated itself, leading me to believe that I’ve got a bad batch of AA NiMHs. While it’s impossible to tell the state of charge without a battery tester, I’d reckon that this handful of (expensive!) batteries is discharging way faster then they should.  We haven’t gotten 100s of charge cycles out of the batch … only a few dozen.

After it happened again this week, I got off my duff and did something.

I’m not turning my back on the technology … just switching brands. After doing a bit of research, I decided it was time to pick up a dozen Sanyo eneloops AAs, but I couldn’t find a store that carried them locally.

Amazon to the rescue.

I found an Amazon merchant with a remarkably low price, but quickly found out why their price was so low … they were charging $3.99 shipping and handling for every item. When I went back to the main sales page, I noticed that the Sanyo eneloop AAs were eligible for free super saver shipping, with a minimum $25 order.

With a trio of four packs I landed three dollar savings over the lowball price and never had to leave my desk…