Here’s Tonight’s Bailout from Boredom


Fat may reduce allergic reactions

I rest my case: ice cream is the universal cure.

Strained marriages take a toll on women’s – but not men’s – physical health

That’s an easy one: because men don’t care.

The Health-Care Crisis Hits Home – a must-read


User info stolen from music site

Today’s breach: Spotify

GM Warns It May Fail Without Billions More in Aid

So may I…

Are You Ready for This? A Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

needless to say, I am.  You should be too.

State of Colorado Calls Firefox Insecure, IE6 Safe

Wanna bet their servers aren’t patched???

Find Out If You Qualify For Mortgage Assistance


How to be Your Own Linux Tech Support

Important Linux File Directories That Users Should Know About


The Flying Spaghetti Monster appears in the snow!

The AMPUPLUGNPLAY – battery-powered amp that plugs into your guitar.

Microsoft Downplays Desktop Virtualization

It’s too expensive.  Really.