Microsoft Knows Best – Reason 438 We Can’t Stand It

When I set up a computer, I set it up for my use.  I customize it, I make necessary changes, and say appropriate magic words in the hopes that the operating system will run and continue to perform the way I want it.

Keep in mind that I don’t use XP a whole lot and that I use XP the most of all Microsoft operating systems.  I tend to forget some of the finer points, otherwise known as Reasons I Want to Commit Grievous Bodily Injury Upon Something that Looks Like Bill Gates.

I have a term called Bill’s Will.  This is when somebody (from Redmond) has decided that they know much better what you need than you do.  As a result, the operating system that you told not to download updates for, updates itself anyway: it’s Bill’s Will.  (ok, lately it’s Ballmer’s will, but stick with me)

It is widely known that the XP firewall is a piece of crud (that’s a technical term and I’m being polite).  I turn it off as a matter of course and use a third party firewall.

So my not terribly often-used XP box has gotten a bit…. weird.  I’m trying to diagnose it.  While I’m checking services, I notice that the firewall service is on.  All of the sudden I remember what happened at work; the same thing.  Unfortunately this happened to production servers.  It was Bill’s Will.

I’m not positive that re-turning off the firewall has fixed the problem but the OS is motoring along fine at the moment.

Memo to Gates, Ballmer, You might know more about marketing.  You might know more about OSes in general.  But you don’t know better than me what I want and how I need my system to function.  Cut it the $*&# out.

P.S.  The movie Kill Bill was aimed at Mr. Gates.