I-News Experiment To Print Your Own Newspaper At Home

In an experiment, MediaNews Group, which own the Denver Post, is experimenting with allowing computer users to print their own newspaper at home. All you need is an internet connection and a printer to setup shop. You can select what you want to receive and just hit the print button for a hands on copy of the news. The experiment uses the termĀ  “Individuated News” or I-News for a new media-delivery system. The Los Angeles Daily News will partake in the experiment this coming summer.

According to one news source which states the following:

“You’ll be able to choose the news you want about anything, whether you’re a Detroit Red Wings fan or if you’re green-oriented,” said Mark Winkler, executive vice president of sales and marketing for MediaNews Group. “You become your own editor and publisher.”

I-News gathers content not just from The Denver Post and other MediaNews papers but also from The Associated Press and other “scrapers of media,” Wink ler said.

“We want to give the consumer exactly what they want,” he said.

The “individuated” stories selected by each reader are sent to a special printer being developed for MediaNews that each customer would have at home.

The printer will format the stories and print them or send them to a computer or mobile phone for viewing later in the day.

Ads will be delivered as well. Where possible, the ads will be matched to each reader’s choice of stories. For example, a reader who selects high school sports stories might receive ads from retail sports stores, or skiers might receive ski-related ads.

One proposal, based on how well testing in Los Angeles goes, would be to print the newspaper only three days a week. That will already be the case with the two papers in Detroit, including MediaNews Group’s Detroit News, starting March 31.

I also found this old advertisement from what appears to be the 40’s in which radio was to be used to print a newspaper at home.


Interesting concept. But will it fly? I might be interested in trying it if the cost was right.

What about you?

Comments welcome.


Old advertisement source