UFO Near CA Navy Weapons Base

Over at the UFO Examiner you can see some interesting pictures of something hovering over Long Beach, CA.  It hovered for twenty six minutes and disappeared right before the approach of ten helicopters.  This area is very close to Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.  The source of the story is MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

For those of you who absolutely require visual evidence, there are pictures.  At least one of them looks pretty real.  They are obviously not separate lights, as some refer to the Phoenix Lights.  They are also not planes dropping flares, as the Air Force claims caused the Phoenix Lights.  This is a solid object.

I am not an aviation expert but I am not aware of anything that large in that shape that can hover.

Speaking of the Phoenix Lights, check this out: Military jets chase UFO over AZ town


I want to emphasize that when I post anything on UFOs, I am not stating what they are.  I am just reporting what I understand to be the facts.  You can draw your own conclusions as to what they are.  UFOs are unidentified flying objects; nothing more.