Sarah Palin Asks For Donations

Imagine my surprise when I saw this on a casual perusal of reddit this afternoon. The story was highlighted, and there was lots of activity on it.

from the All Spin Zone

Sarah Palin, Mired in Debt, Whines, Begging for Donations

Sarah Palin has over half a million dollars in legal debt, and she’s whining about it. Everyone is out to get her, evidently. Now she’s thinking of starting a legal defense fund, where she will beg people to donate to help her out. Meanwhile she is not accepting stimulus package money that will help Alaskans with their trouble

Yes, I had heard of the refusal of the stimulus package. Apparently she doesn’t have any of that compassionate conservatism that the last president had  – oh, wait a minute, it is exactly like ‘W’, as he voted against covering children of low income families for medical needs. Yes, that’s the love of Christ at work.  I must read a different Bible. I seem to recall something about a golden rule.


this is an excerpt from the All Spin Zone, which was originally excerpted from the Anchorage Daily News

Legal bills have mounted fighting complaints that she called partisan, false and frivolous, starting with “the politically motivated Troopergate probe,” Palin said in a written response to questions.

She said the legal bills all stem from her actions as governor.

“I must defend against these baseless ethics accusations out of my own pocket as the use of public monies to do so could itself violate state law,” Palin wrote.

The debt, amassed since she was catapulted into the national spotlight during the presidential race, was revealed in her annual financial disclosure filed this week with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

“On August 29, it seems the political landscape changed in Alaska. Now, it seems in order to do this job as Governor, with the political blood sport some are playing today, only the independently wealthy or those willing to spend their income on legal fees to defend their official actions in office … can serve,” Palin said in the written response to Daily News questions.

The debt is owed to the Alaska law firm Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen & Thorsness, according to her financial disclosure.

The disclosure said only that she owed “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” On Friday in the written statement, attorney Thomas Van Flein wouldn’t give a precise number but said it was “a substantial debt.” Palin said she didn’t have an exact figure yet but “the debt is over a half a million dollars.”

Wow, that’s really too bad. I at once feel sorry for her, and also wonder where any of that famous Republican self-sufficiency is. Perhaps she believes in self-sufficiency applied to others, but not herself.

Oh, and about the values she instilled in her daughter….

{Steven Reynolds has a few things to say over on the Zone, if you care to read them.}


palin_2012 perhaps not…money’s tight, you know.

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