SeaPort Airlines – Seattle to Portland Commute Made Easy

I originally read about SeaPort Airlines in the Portland Business Journal. When they first announced flights to Seattle’s Boeing Field, I decided to contact them and see if they could use Anvil Media’s help with search engine marketing.  I was intrigued by the concept of TSA-free travel, easy parking and the convenience of landing 10 to 15 minutes from downtown Seattle. Many month’s later, they tapped us to help manage pay-per-click to increase online bookings for their ever expanding destinations.

A few weeks ago, I was planning for a quick turnaround trip to Seattle to speak at a conference on the hot topic of social media marketing to a group of bankers. Knowing I had to be back to Portland by early evening for my monthly networking event, pdxMindShare, my options were whittled down to flying and teleportation. The decision was easy: support a client and try SeaPort Air’s unique service offering.

The morning of my Seattle speaking engagement, I drove to PDX airport, taking the “Business Aviation” exit just before entering the Portland airport departures area. SeaPort Airlines’ terminal is easy to find and an attendant was waiting to valet park my car. I entered the small but comfortable terminal building and checked in within minutes, thanks to a friendly crew.  With the customer priority one, it was a pleasant surprise to see a box of fresh Voodoo Donuts waiting in the lounge.

The boarding process was simple, especially when you’re flying in a 10 passenger plane, and don’t have to be bothered with airport security, lines and gates.  Not surprisingly, I knew one of the other passengers (a senior executive at Ziba Design) and we talked for a good portion of the brief and scenic flight.  While there is no room for a flight attendant or even a laptop, the 40 minute flight-time makes it irrelevant.

Having grown up in Seattle, I had my own transportation arranged (dad) upon my arrival. SeaPort does offer to schedule a taxi or towncar at departure, so transportation is waiting regardless. Within minutes I was downtown at the conference. My “transportation” was thankfully round-trip, and the downtown commute to Boeing Field was around 10 minutes, even at 4 p.m. The flight departed on-time and I was in my car and downtown at Paddy’s for MindShare by 5:30.

If your time is valuable and you don’t have much to spare, SeaPort Airlines is the only way to travel. The personal, professoinal experience is seamless and painless. Being able to get from downtown Portland to Downtown Seattle in 90 minutes is difficult to beat, and the experience makes the cost a no-brainer.