Even Nordstrom is Affected

I am afflicted by the local Fox affiliate’s morning news via my wife, who has some sort of weird compulsion to watch it.  It probably has something to do with insomnia and several psychiatrists but I stopped asking a long time ago.

This very morning I observed, during this alleged news broadcast, a commercial for a Jeep product in the form of a review that included the words VOOM VROOOOOM, not to mention a commercial for Americans Idle.   [sigh] – remember when the news had actual news content?  Never mind bias – there’s nothing to be biased about except the commercials.

Last week they had a commercial for Nordstrom, poorly disguised as a news piece.  The interviewer/news host was discussing the opening of their new store in a large local mall.    She asked the representative from Nordstrom whether the economy was having an impact on their business.  The subtext was “You’re opening a new store NOW?

I was in a Nordstrom once.  It was in a very upscale mall.  The invisible alarms were ringing in my head as soon as I crossed the threshold (and no doubt in their security office too).  There I was, your Scrufty Blogger<tm>, complete with ripped jeans (long before they were fashionable).

To coin a phrase, the feeling I got when I walked in was `You do not BELONG here.’  It was nothing anybody said or intimated.  I could just tell that I couldn’t afford to shop there even if I wanted to (my wife was looking around).

Back to Faux News, the Nordstrom representative said that the economy had indeed affected sales:  “These jeans right here are $150.  These other jeans are $300.  What we’re seeing is that people who would normally buy a few pairs are only buying one pair these days.”

Things are apparently tough all over.