Open Source Is Boarding The Enterprise!

Normally I would with the masses who exclaimed that is most cases, enterprise users are going to stick with Windows. not because it is better, rather because this is where the existing legacy software happens to be at. But with these difficult financial times due to the world wide recession, a number of companies are giving serious thought to rethinking their reliance on Windows and with good reason. Despite the hype you might hear elsewhere, using Windows can be rather expensive due to the licensing that goes along with it and much of the software used as it is upgraded.

According to this recent article, there is a real trend in companies leaning strongly into lower cost to entry software and middleware that is considered open source. Why the sudden switch? Speaking for myself, I believe it comes down to control, value for money spent and longevity. See, no matter what the proprietary solutions might boast, with the open source alternatives, the idea of being able to take a budget that has been slashed and still make it work often means learning use software that is available and ready to go for nothing.

Yeah, outside of some limited support costs, “free” tends to be a pretty good motivator for making the switch over to open source alternatives in the software realm. With the economy the way it is, bundled with the fact that the proprietary software might very well stop supporting your old software or just go bankrupt, suddenly going “proprietary” is a lot more dangerous than taking on the challenges of switching to open source alternatives.