Special Delivery – It’s Those Updates You Order!

Network outages suck no matter how you look at them. And clearly, when it comes to getting updates for both the Mac and the iPhone, the end users expect results, not reasons why it cannot be done. Some past outages for some of Apple services have led the computer giant to look for secondary network delivery systems.

Due to concerns here, it appears that we will be looking at a combination of Limelight and Akamai will be who you can expect to be handling much of the data requests on behalf of Apple. What is also interesting, is trying to figure out which one is handling which areas. Is this going to be split up by region, or will it turn into an assignment of a queue like setup? Only time will tell I guess.

Oddly, when questioned about the past network outage that did indeed, affect Apple users sometime ago, Akamai responded in saying they had nothing to do with it and there was no outage on their end. I smell BS, myself.