That Is The Money You Could Be Saving With Microsoft Live Search

Feeling a bit conflicted and confused here. On the one side, Yahoo being able to save over a billion dollars a year using Microsoft’s search does seem mighty tempting. Yet on the other side of that, how does this address the problem of Live Search being nothing remotely close to Google with regard to relevance in queried results?

So this means that Yahoo and Microsoft feel that they would both be sitting pretty for a content partnership, while current Yahoo users see no advantage whatsoever and if anything, the fact that I find better relevance with Yahoo as it today would soon be a thing of the past! Uh, if I am understanding all of this, I am unclear as to how in the world this is really making for a better product?

While I realize that in Redmond, it is all about dominance and quality be damned. But for the love of Pete, can’t we just get Yahoo in a position to where actual, visual improvement is taking place here? Is that too much to ask for?