Psystar Still Rocking With OS X One Year Later

It has already been a full year since Psystar started rocking the headlines with their OS X bundled PCs or “hack-in-toshes” as some have referred to them. And despite an ongoing battle with Apple over their use of OS X, these boxes are still shipping.

According to this article, it seems that Apple’s Mac shipments are actually falling since about March, which does keep pace with the current economic climate. This being said, it should also be noted that the same article reports that there is no indication that Psystar has made any significant difference in Mac sales whatsoever.

Are we still trying to decide whether or not Psystar is in the wrong for what they are selling? Speaking for myself, I honestly don’t care. As previously stated, it is not affecting Apple in a definable way, so I for one see no reason to get too bent out of shape about it.