Google – We Want To Help Twitter Make Money

Most CEO’s might be reluactant to speak about other companies. But not the folks that head Google. While Twitter is a social networking hit, the company still needs to make money money in order to survive. Whe better to help them? Google of course. While Yahoo is suffering recession pains, Google has only beem slightly pricked by the recession needle, so far. So when Google’s Eric Schmidt was asked about Twitter he stated the following:


“Twitter proves innovation is alive and well in Silicon Valley,” Schmidt said. “The question is how to make money. You can imagine that as these companies become successful, as Twitter is already successful, they could become a channel for product information and marketing, whether it’s a text ad or video ad off it. That’s a logical strategy to pursue and we’d be happy to pursue it with them.


It sounds like Twitter and Google would be a good match up. Google has the resources and know how to make big bucks, while Twitter has the networking audience to direct those ads at.

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