If Hulu Comes To The iPhone – Lives Will Be Changed

huluUnless you have been living in a dial-up powered cave, you have most likely seen and experienced the fantastic service known simply as hulu.com. For some time now, users have been able to watch many of their favorite TV shows without the benefit of ever needing to even bother with a set top box or a huge cable bill.

Well according to this article, it looks like we will soon have access to the mighty Hulu from the warm glow of our own iPhones! How awesome is that? Imagine sitting at the airport, catching up on past episodes of your favorite programs for free! Personally, I am pretty excited.

How can the mobile carriers possibly swing this with regard to cost? Simple, this will sell iPhones. Well, this is the going theory in the above linked article.

Do not care to wait, wish to watch TV on your iPhone NOW? Assuming you are willing to make the investment in hardware, it is quite possible and Chris will show you how below…

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