Waiting Before Trying Ubuntu 9.04 Test Release Is Advised

ubuntuAs if on command, the latest Ubuntu 9.04 release has a final test version ready to go and something tells me that despite the good, there will be some bad to overcome as well. I only say this as Ubuntu, as a cutting edge distro, is never perfect on release day. Far from it, actually. While I enjoy using Ubuntu full time myself, I also learned long ago with other distros to only upgrade when needed.

So when an Ubuntu release comes out, I generally give it a strong 2-3 months before even considering an upgrade. This has saved me tremendous headaches. In some cases, such as with Ubuntu Feisty, I completely ignored the release as it offered me nothing compelling to “upgrade” to.

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Despite my feelings on upgrading from one release to another, some people are still struggling with the move from Windows to Linux in the first place. To this end, Chris did a video some time back that will help newer users cover the basics of making the great migration. It is a must view, for Linux newbies.