China Has Its Own Take On The App Store

chinaIn China, there is about to be an application download awakening for mobile users. The thing is, it will not be rung in with the help of Apple. This is something that is exclusively offered for the Chinese by China Mobile. What remains a bit fuzzy, is whether or not we will be seeing applications offered with the same level of quality we have seen here in the States with the Apple App Store.

To point out just how skeptical I am here, should be a given. I mean, with all of the censorship over there, I cannot believe that we will see much in the way of creative applications being approved for distribution. I could be wrong, but without the freedom in China in such short supply due to government control, I am not convinced that we will see anything all that spectacular coming into the Chinese app store.

The other side of things to be considered is whether or not their mobile network can even support this upcoming data bust from the app store. According to the article linked above, China Mobile has a substantial 3G network, unfortunately it is largely untested.