Will Cut Rate Pricing For Laptops Make You Want To Buy?

As more and more products come to market, and as the recession weakens consumer enthusiasm, the major OEM’s are lowering prices in the hope of attracting new buyers. But will this new pricing strategy be enough to attract you the consumer? According to a recent article at the Wall Street Journal they suggest that these price cuts will continue through out 2009 and that some OEM’s like HP and Dell will be the price cut leaders.

According to the article it states that:

NPD analyst Stephen Baker says these prices are record lows for the PC industry. He adds that he expects PC makers to enter a “race to the bottom” as they add more capabilities to ever-cheaper notebooks, and predicts prices could drop another 10% between now and the end of the year.

This is interesting because in November I will be in the market for a new laptop. My wife’s lappy will be 3 years old and I will be giving her my new laptop and buying myself a new one. I am hoping that by November Microsoft’s Windows 7 will be available and that the decline in pricing will continue.

But will this be enough for all consumers to decide to upgrade? What about you? Is there a new laptop or netbook in your future for 2009? Share your thoughts,

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