Bugs Aside – Ubuntu 9.04 Is Pretty Slick

ubuntuAs predicted in a previous post, the release of 9.04 has been filled with reports of problems with stuff like PulseAudio, NVIDIA/ATI driver compatibility problems (be it something not seen by me yet) amongst other lesser issues. This is not reflective of Ubuntu being bad, rather it as per usual, needed a little more time in the beta over before going live…again.

Luckily, this is not a problem for me as I was wise enough to do my testing on four non-daily use PCs. And also, after a lot of updating…server switching, among other dancing around because of the server rush from others downloading…I finally have most of the bugs ironed out. All of this said, I would like to take a moment to point out how fast and responsive this release is despite my own frustrations initially. It looks great, is dead fast and once it has a chance to be “out there for a month of so”, will be a tremendous release for sure.

One thing that still has me baffled however is a Ustream issue that has nothing to do with Ubuntu updates. The broadcaster no longer loads right under ANY release of Ubuntu using any 3.x release of Firefox on my PCs. I confirmed this by using Firefox 2.x without ANY problems. The issues took place after Ustream did its updates. Nicely done, thanks for that…sigh.