Gnomie Pedro Arbona writes:


I’m interested in showing you this nifty little program for Mac OS X for controlling iTunes remotely — as in, you don’t have to open iTunes at all. Named CoverSutra, this application gives you a spotlight for your entire iTunes library. You can program shortcuts to control playback (among other things).

I found this app’s true usefulness when I had to take in my laptop for maintenance and the technician had to change my keyboard — which had the basic playback functions. It may offer other options of controlling iTunes without actually opening the program, but I’ve only highlighted the features I find useful for me. Others will doubtless discover other benefits.

I obtained this program by an offer they made for achieving an x number of downloaded copies of the software — I don’t really remember what the reason was for the offer they made other than I got word of it through a blog. It’s priced at $19.95 and I’d say it’s a must have for music junkies like me. Try it out!