Verizon Seeking A New iPhone Alternative Horizon?

verizonWhat exactly, if anything, would a Microsoft iPhone rival mean should it come to Verizon? Speaking as someone who happens to be a fan of Verizon on many levels, I can say with complete honesty this is going to flop and flop hard. Not due to Verizon per se, rather the fact that Microsoft’s innovation “button” seems to be stuck on copy.

The problem is that the iPhone broke barriers, much as the Google Android phones have. Again, changing the way we look at mobile technology. Microsoft’s answer to this is apparently, to redo something that has been on the market successfully…but re-brand it with their stuff. Outside of the lameness factor, why is this a compelling purchase exactly?

Speaking for myself, who has owned Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Apple mobile products, I am among those who would point out that the iPhone on many levels destroyed the competition with regard to mobile ability. Verizon is best off seeking out deals with Google Android based phones as at least that is an option that has already been proven as doing well in the market place. No sense in gumming things up with something completely unproven and frankly, unoriginal.