Robert Smith Diagnoses Our Storage Performance Problems

Richard and I talk to Robert Smith from Microsoft Premier Field Engineering about understanding storage performance. The discussion digs into SAN, iSCSI, direct-attached storage, also looking at tools like PerfMon and the Windows Performance Toolkit. Check out WPT and the disk performance issues talked about in the show here.

Robert Smith started with Microsoft in July 1998. He was hired to help provide technical support for Windows NT. He started with Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, moved to Server and is still mainly server oriented. Over the years he has worked on storage, performance, debugging, and some other related Windows technologies. Robert moved to the Microsoft Premier organization eight years ago, and since then has worked mainly with enterprise customers. He is currently in the Premier Field Engineering team and is dedicated to two customers: Lockheed Martin and United Launch Alliance. Before his time at Microsoft he worked in a small computer shop building and servicing one machine at a time. Robert moved on to a startup that does online linked gaming such as bingo. He continues to work on Windows technologies and aspire to evolve his skills in these areas.