Simplify Music Update Not Really All That Simple

itunesRemember the iPhone app known as Simplify Music? Well it looks like there is an update and with this release, you will find both new features and get this – you have to pay for it again. According to this article, it will set you back about $6 USD.

For those of you who enjoy what this app can do, find the ability to now be able to search for your tunes within its interface, paying your dues will not be seen as a major setback. After all, no one is forcing you to upgrade or even use the software at all. But there are some given downsides that frankly, will not be fixed with the music streaming aspects of this app.

Due to the inability of the iPhone to run this app as a background process, you will not be able to listen to music through it while doing other stuff with your iPhone. Yes, this sucks, blame Apple though. Simplify Media has nothing to do with this lack of functionality I am afraid.