Windows 7 RC – First Look

Microsoft is giving users a long, long look at Windows 7. The RC does not expire unti June 1, 2010 which is somewhat surprising. Following the recommended installation I installed Windows 7 from scratch. Like the beta, the installation is fairly quick compared to Vista. Windows 7, like Vista,  uses an image for installation and the install took only about 20 minutes.

The system I installed Windows 7 RC on is a AMD 64 x2 6400 processor, 4GB Corsair RAM, sata 320 GB hard disk and a NVidia 9500 1GB video card. Everything worked right out of the box inxluding my D-Link wireless card. I immediately had Internet access. Nice. But I expected nothing less since Microsoft has made a real effort to get the driver problems solved after the mess that happened with Vista.

But stop the presses! Also available are the setup files to try out XPM = XP mode, including instructions on how to setup XP within Windows 7. These files are also listed as being beta files.

So this weekend will be busy while I setup not only Windows 7, but also take XPM for a spin.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Comments welcome.