Apple’s Process Of Elimination

It is highly likely by now that many of you have seen this latest Mac commercial which is supposed to directly address Microsoft’s “Get a PC” ads.

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Sadly Apple continues to ignore the price argument while Microsoft is well known for ignoring problems with customer service on the consumer side of things.

No one ever seems to “get” this aspect, yet both companies appear to do just fine despite both issues. Apple feels that its products provide value reflective of the price. Buy its stuff or go away. Microsoft offers Windows pre-installed on PCs for a song while leaving you to your own resources for support. Its feelings on the matter: call someone who cares.

Despite me not being a big fan of Microsoft’s products, in the end most people will continue going for Windows loaded PCs due to price, availability, and, to a lesser degree, familiarity. And in the end, as history has been teaching me lately, blind reluctance to change will win every time.

Regardless of claims made, the Apple ads use careful wording for those not paying attention. Viruses. Had they said malware, then we would suddenly remember past articles where OS X was seeing bogus video codecs surfacing and malware was being installed. Lesson to learn here: Your TV tells you only half of the story. All OSes are susceptible to malware in one form or another. Windows certainly has more time in the light to this degree, but OS X is slowly beginning to catch up on the malware front. Give it time folks, it’s already happening.