Is Alfresco A Usable Alternative To Sharepoint?

There should be an image here!Microsoft Sharepoint is one of those proprietary products that you either love or hate. There just is not a lot of in between. Thankfully, I have been free of it for my time in the world and if all goes well, I will be continuing this trend.

But since this is the Linux section of Lockergnome, I must ask the question – what is the open source alternative? Well, that product is known simply as Alfresco. And based on what I have seen, it can do anything you would expect from proprietary alternatives and more.

What makes Alfresco different, is the fact that as we have seen with propriatary formats in the past, there is no vendor lock-in here. No metal box that prevents you from taking your data to another application or service. Alfresco allows you to stay in the driver seat.

Will it work for those already using Sharepoint? Maybe, assuming there is a way to export the data. Seriously, I have no idea. So I imagine if Microsoft allows for a full export or EVERYTHING, then maybe making such a switch is possible.