The L.A. Lakers and Aaron Brooks

If the Lakers win Game Seven, this playoff series becomes a footnote in NBA history. If the Houston Rockets win, the last game and the series itself will become basketball legend. If there is an overachieving underdog, it is the Houston Rockets, without two of their star players, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. The Rockets have put the offense in the hands of Aaron Brooks and he has been spectacular.

One of the keys to whether the Lakers will be successful will depend upon how they defend Aaron Brooks. Victories for Houston result when Aaron Brooks shreds the Lakers defense. In those Rockets victories, these are some of Aaron Brooks’ statistics:

  • average points: 26.3
  • field goal percentage: 57.4%
  • three point percentage: 44.4%
  • assists: 10

It is a completely a different result when the Lakers manage to contain Aaron Brooks. In the Lakers wins, Aaron Brooks production is contained:

  • average points: 11.3
  • field goal percentage: 35.3%
  • three point percentage: 28.6%
  • assists: 5

The offense starts with Aaron Brooks and he will be a prime focus for the Lakers defenders. The Lakers have shown that an individual defender, whether it is Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown, cannot contain the speedy Houston guard. The Game Seven playoff pressure will expose the character of these two teams. It is difficult to hide any team flaws when it is ‘win-or-go-home’.

Catherine Forsythe