Gasoline Price Increases – The Frog in Warm Water Syndrome

Here in sunny Southern California, we depend on gasoline for life. There are no railways to speak of, though that is beginning to change, there is some bus service, but, just as the song stated “Nobody Walks in L.A.’ not many take the bus either.

After the huge blowout of gas prices last summer, the energy companies have decided that we should get the shock of their gouging us in smaller increments. It used to be that prices would go up when your favorite dealer (get the double reference?) would get a new, and higher priced shipment of the high octane stuff, which for most places, was every 3 to 4 days.

Then last year they decided to take a different tack: raise the prices in unison, so that shopping around for the best price was an exercise in futility.

Well, summer is not here yet, but the heat is, and so are the elevated prices (you’d think these people would see that we aren’t taking as many vacations, so that supply and demand is not functioning on the same level as in the past).

This year there is the added bonus of daily price increases – yes, no need to wonder if the prices will rise, you now know they will. It now becomes a question of how much; for most of us, it’s a penny per gallon per day. Yippee!

No wonder Andy Rooney said he was staying home this summer. Every good curmudgeon should, and maybe the rest of us, too.

Unfortunately, some will be like that frog that gets the water temperature slowly raised – instead of jumping out of the pot of water, he settles in for a nice warm bath. Soon his legs are being served to someone with garlic butter on the side.





The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.George Bernard Shaw

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